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  • We conduct preliminary trademark searches, in Brazil and abroad;
  • We prepare, process and file trademark applications;
  • We maintain a surveillance process of brands applied by third parties liable to conflict with
    brands of interest to our customers;
  • We elaborate court or out-of-court notifications, administrative oppositions, annulment appeals,
    as the case may be;
  • We also promote registration renewals.

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  • We elaborate and make the applications for national and international patents;
  • We follow up the entire procedure until the patent certification is granted;
  • We take of its maintenance, paying all annuities at the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office
  • In addition, we are in constant surveillance process in relation to third party processes.

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  • We guide and follow up on the negotiations of contracts for assignment and exploitation of
    trademarks and patents, technology transfer agreements; franchising agreements and others;
  • We elaborate the contracts;
  • We legalize the contracts at the INPI and Central Bank.


Technology Transfer Agreements

  • Contracts in which industrial knowledge is transferred. This can be regarded as the essential
    knowledge for production of a good intended for marketing;
  • The modalities of technology transfer are:
    a) license for use of industrial privilege (patent exploitation);
    b) license for use of industrial registration (trademark use);
    c) supply of technology ;
    d) technical and scientific assistance service rendering.

Franchising Agreements

  • Contract in which a certain company is granted the use of a patent or brand known by the
    consumer and well accepted for its qualities.



  • Right the author of a literary, artistic or scientific work has to exploit his work economically that
    can be transferred to his/her heir or successors;
  • We register the works at the competent bodies;
  • We elaborate contracts for license and assignment of author's rights.



  • The Software Law defines as a computer program an organized set of instructions in natural
    or coded language, to be used in machines to attain a certain purpose;
  • We legalize the contracts and register the computer programs at INPI.


Unfair Competition and Trade Secrets

  • We elaborate contracts aimed at protecting business secrets;
  • We analyze and propose the necessary measures to defend customers against unfair
    competition practiced by third parties or to prevent it, including pertinent lawsuits.

Plant variety Protection

  • We guide and apply for protection of new plant cultivations at the National Service for
    Cultivation Protection (SNPC - Serviço Nacional de Proteção de Cultivares);
  • We follow up the process and pay all annuities when the certificate is granted.

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Programs for tax avoidance

  • We advise on the tax advantages with research and development of technological innovation
    of products and enrollment in the Government Programs.

Legal Services

  • We guide, advise and prepare the best protection of our customers' rights in the area of:
  • Industrial Property;
  • Business and Corporate Law;
  • Contract Law;
  • Litigation;
  • We represent our customers in legal matters in the spheres of the Federal and State Courts.


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